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  • Outsystems training
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Outsystems training

A 12 week technical and practical OutSystems intensive course (150 hours).
The “OutSystems Associate Developer (Advanced)” is an intensive and fast-track
approach to transform people with development experience into Outsystems
developers capable of achieving the Outsystems Associate Developer Certification.
Participants are challenged to learn at their fast with the support of a professional
teacher on-site. The students code from moment zero making sure the learning
experience is interesting, relevant and interactive assuring an easy transition into
their role and future challenges as OutSystems developers.


  • Utilize the functionalities of the OutSystems Development platform;
  • Acquire the OutSystems development best practices;
  • Be able to develop OutSystems programs independently;
  • Preparation for the OutSystems Associate Developer Certification


outsystems Core Functionalities (70h)

    • OutSystems Development Basics
    • Applications development life-cycle
    • Modeling Data Basics
    • Architecture Basics
    • Widgets I
    • Modeling Data Relationships
    • Debugging & Monitoring
    • Data Queries
    • Widgets II
    • Actions and Code Reusable
    • Input Validations
    • Ajax interactions
    • Web Blocks and UI Reusability
    • Security
    • Session Handling
    • Web Services
    • Integration Studio
    • Themes and Styling


SCRUM OutSystems Project (72h)

Trainees will consolidate the learning from the previous module and go deeper in
some of them while trying to develop new features for web applications and building a
new one from scratch with well documented user stories and in teams.

If the trainees already have a web application that needs to be developed they will
start with that real-work challenge and learn along the way with the support of the
trainer. This way they will learn while building something relevant.

Daily meetups and a SCRUM procedure will be followed in order to deliver
development along best practises.



  • OutSystems full stack developer
  • Architecture
  • Performance: building scalable web applications
  • Multi-language
  • Usability

Associate Developer Certification - Masterclass (8h):

Recap the core theoretical and practical learnings that make the best practices
necessary for an independent usage of the OutSystems platform and are conductive to
a good performance for the OutSystems certification.